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Tallies/Shady Cove/Guest Directors

November 11, 2023 @ 8:00 pm - 11:30 pm


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On “No Dreams for Fayres”, singer Sarah Cogan’s sweet, flowy vocals coast effortlessly atop Dylan Frankland’s crystalline guitars, every note conjuring up the jangled melodies of classic groups like The Smiths, The Sundays, and Cocteau Twins. Under it all, drummer Cian O’Neill’s driving percussion propels the song into the stratosphere. But “No Dreams for Fayres” isn’t merely an exercise in nostalgia — TALLIES’ modern twist adds a tightness, an urgency, an awareness that breathes new life into a beloved genre. “I don’t want to wake up/I just want to lay back down,” sings Sarah on the song’s chorus, encapsulating in few words how just about everyone has been feeling over the past few years. “It’s kind of ironic; I wrote the song pre-COVID, about a time of depression in my teenage years, but as soon as the pandemic started I had the exact same feelings,” says Sarah. “It was insane — how do we have a song that’s about me 10, 15 years ago, and is now relevant to me at 30 years old? It’s pretty funny how that happened.”
“No Dreams for Fayres” is also TALLIES’ first release on new label Bella Union, a partnership that was written across the indie pop firmament since the band’s beginnings. Run by ex-Cocteau Twins bassist Simon Raymonde, Bella Union’s ethos aligns perfectly with TALLIES’ dedication to immersing themselves in the label’s signature sound. “Putting out a record with one of our heroes is extremely cool,” explains Dylan, “being on Bella is a really big deal for us.” It might seem hard to imagine a world in which Sarah and Dylan, writing songs together while studying sound engineering at Algonquin College in Ottawa, would someday be working with one of their favorite musical influences, but fans of the group’s heart-expanding, awe-inspiring tunes won’t be surprised — they’ll know they had it in them all along, and that the journey has just begun.
Produced by Graham Walsh (Holy Fuck) and Dylan Frankland of the band at Palace Sound, Baskitball 4 Life and Candle Recording in Toronto.
TALLIES return with their new single and video (directed and shot by Colin Medley and edited by Christopher Mills) for “No Dreams of Fayres” via Hand Drawn Dracula (CAN), Kanine Records (US) and Bella Union (UK/EU).
Shady Cove

Four hours south of Portland, Oregon, the Rogue River flows right through the center of a small municipality called Shady Cove. This is where songwriters and multi-instrumentalists Sarah Rose and Sarah Nienaber, formerly of Candace, recorded the track that would become the name of their new project Shady Cove; this is where, in an unassuming cabin, the two seasoned collaborators began exploring desire’s revolutionary potential and the nomadic impulses borne of creative restlessness and the claustrophobia of city life.
“We were not writing these songs with the idea of a band in mind,” says Sarah Rose. “It felt like these songs wanted to belong to something new, rather than the continuation of a previous project.” Nienaber and Rose are hitting upon vibrations more intimate but no less immediate than those explored with their prior band, nudging guitar-driven dream pop into softer and more diffuse territories.
“Summer Days,” the group’s first single, dabbles in muted, homespun psychedelia, putting a contemporary twist on the type of lysergic pastoralism popularized by XTC on Skylarking. Shady Cove’s use of synthesizers suggest orchestral grandeur supported by melodies that are subtle but not subdued. Lyrically, in “Summer Days” the band refuses to shy away from paradox, oscillating between nostalgia’s idyllic detours into the past and the anticipation of something less familiar, perhaps, or somewhere more intuitively known: “Going back to summer days,” and “waiting for summer days” to return.
“We’re always searching for the right place, the good place, the landing place, the final resting place,” Nienaber reflects, implying that the only thing that will satisfy desire is more desire. “In these songs, I think there is a self-conscious acknowledgement that I, or you, or we, will never get there… Shady Cove is a celebration of that unshakeable longing, the forever search.”

Guest Directors

Like a broken mirror, Seattle’s Guest Directors reflect a multitude of emotional and musical pathways. On their new LP, Interference Patterns, the songs spiral one after another – sometimes powerful and sometimes delicate. They can sound like snowflakes and hail storms, sometimes in the same song. Their first full-length record is out 9/22/23.
Tremolo:Seattle is an events collective presenting dreampop / shoegaze / psychedelic / synth-based music.


November 11, 2023
8:00 pm - 11:30 pm


Central Saloon