Jupe Jupe/Guest Directors/Waves Crashing/Male//Gaze

Conor Byrne Pub 5140 Ballard Ave NW, Seattle, WA

Get tickets here Join us at Conor Byrne Pub in ye olde Ballard for a really great lineup with Jupe Jupe, Waves Crashing (Olympia), and Male//Gaze (Kingston). Ticket link coming soon.


Tallies/Shady Cove/somesurprises/Guest Directors

Central Saloon

Get tickets here Tallies https://www.facebook.com/talliesband https://www.instagram.com/tallies.band/ https://open.spotify.com/artist/0TqfIpfq65gBiU4m7BCe0O https://tallies.bandcamp.com/album/patina On “No Dreams for Fayres”, singer Sarah Cogan’s sweet, flowy vocals coast effortlessly atop Dylan Frankland’s crystalline guitars, every note conjuring up the jangled melodies of classic groups like The Smiths, The Sundays, and Cocteau Twins. Under it all, drummer Cian O’Neill’s driving percussion propels the song …