Event Information

  • Fri

    Belltown Yacht Club show!

    8 pm

    Screwdriver Bar

    We’re super-excited to play at the relatively new “Belltown Yacht Club”, which is the event hosting name at Screwdriver Bar in Belltown. This space is super-cool with a great “old Seattle” feel to it. We’re also playing with a couple of killer bands, both in the shoegaze-adjacent guitar world that we inhabit, but both with their own unique sound:

    Black Ferns – a two-piece band that skews post-punk, who also have a killer light show to keep both your eyes and ears entertained.

    Vibragun – massive guitar riffs with a rhythm section strong enough to keep up, swirling sounds that will surround you.

    Come on down to the basement of the Screwdriver Bar and hang with us!