A Seattle-based 4-piece band residing in the Venn diagram of shoegaze, dream pop, beautiful noise and power pop. Lyrical darkness, feedback and sparkle. Music created with human voices, instruments, tube amplifiers, mics, effects and the harmonic divergence.

New EP releasing March 30, 2018.

Listen to the first track now!

Some love for our debut EP:

Northwest Music Scene says “Guest Directors’ debut EP These Beautiful Things  is jam-packed with ear-caressing reverb-soaked soundscapes, toned-down and mood-setting vocals, and really sharp songwriting all throughout its four tracks.”

Brazilian blog The Blog That Celebrates Itself says (in a Portuguese to English translation): “…powerful melodies, evoking sound walls, sometimes violent in dense ones and charged with melancholy, all of which generating connections with people of the caliber of a Swervedriver or Autolux.”

“These Beautiful Things” was recorded with Tad Doyle @ Witch Ape Studios, and released August 12, 2016. Listen here!