We wrote a Christmas song?

A couple of years ago we were asked to play a Christmas show, and as part of that we wrote a Christmas-themed song. It’s called Our Last Christmas Time, and it’s essentially a breakup song (though rest assured there were no actual breakups involved). Just fair warning if you’re looking for something jolly.

Last year we decided to record it while we were in the studio recording Interference Patterns, and this year we’re finally releasing it. We also made a video, if you prefer a visual accompaniment to your depressing holiday songs.

Exclusive to Bandcamp we also have the “extended” version of our LP track Laser Hands. Extended is in quotes because this is actually the original version, and we edited it down to fit on vinyl. But here you can hear the full two-and-a-half minute doom/noise jam coda. It’s glorious. We call it Turner’s Version because our drummer actually wrote the riff!

And yes, that actually is a Little Baby Julie, in her grandparents’ basement bar at Christmas time many years ago.