Captured in the Light track-by-track

If you have an interest in knowing a little more about our new EP, Renato Malizia from The Blog That Celebrates Itself was kind enough to ask us to do a track-by-track writeup. Below is a translation of the intro text, run through Google Translate and cleaned up for idiomatic clarity. Click here read our rundown on the tracks.
The Seattle quartet, a favorite of the TBTCI, Guest Directors, came back with their second EP, which knew the world three days ago, and offering the launch, a super lineup that happened on Saturday 31 with no less than Overlake and Black Nite Crash.

But returning to the EP, which goes by the name of “Captured in the Light”, incidentally, perhaps the name may perfectly reflect the quantitative quality of the disc. An absolutely inspirational guitars work, which picks up references in 80’s icons, read: Johnny Marr and Will Sergeant, combined with the experimental quality of Sonic Youth.

“Captured in the Light” has exactly these two focal angles, the melody and the distortion confront each other in the four sound pearls.

The Guest Directors are literally a direct descendant of the guitar bands of the 90’s, and with a plus, it succeeds in absorbing other elements sounding absolutely modern.

With all of this in mind, TBTCI invited two of its creators, Julie D and Gary Thorstensen, to dissect the work in detail, and the result, you read below.