In Search Of Bassist

We are seeking someone to replace our original bassist to become the new musical backbone of Guest Directors.

About Us: We’ve been playing together for a couple of years and playing shows for about a year. We’ve released a 4-song EP, and we’re in the process of finishing up tracking 5 new songs to be released this year. We do most of our writing collaboratively and have been holding off on writing new material until we have YOU on board to contribute. Some bands the 3 of us all like include Swervedriver, RIDE and Autolux, but our tastes are pretty varied. We’re not trying to sound any certain way – just letting the music be the sum of the parts – we do use a lot of reverb and delay which often puts us in a shoegaze-psych territory. We like to play fairly loud much of the time.

About You: Able to practice once a week in Ballard and available for shows once a month or so. Good ear for finding the heart of the melody within some dense and sometimes dissonant guitars. Can bring the rock when necessary and the quiet when necessary. Chill personality a plus.

Plus all the usual stuff: have gear, transportation, show up on time, don’t get wasted, etc.

Please email us at and tell us about yourself! What are your influences, what are you looking for in a band situation, etc. Links to past projects would be great.

We know you’re out there, and we’re looking forward to playing music together.