No, really, we’re working on new music

Wow, last post was September. The pandemic really put the hammer down and smashed a lot of plans. The LP is partially recorded, and on hold at the moment. But we’ve been doing a lot of home recording, and we’re hoping we’ll be able to finish up the LP in the safety of our little bubbles. In the meantime, we’ve been practicing with some other songs that were cool little things that we’ve noodled around with, but were never things we’d play live so we never tried to develop them before. We’re currently finishing up mixing an eclectic 4-song EP, which should be out in March. This will be followed by a single with a remix b-side. And then hopefully our full LP this fall. Fortunately all the drums for the LP were done, so we should be able to record the vocals and few remaining guitar tracks at home.

The pandemic has definitely shaken things up, but we’re grateful that we’ve all been able to stay healthy. We hope you have been able to stay healthy too.