Recent press

Our latest release Dream the Currents has been out for a week now, and already we’re down to only 3 copies of the limited, hand-numbered CDs! If you want one, order it soon. We have more coming, but they will not be numbered. When we do run out of the limited ones, you should still be able to get a copy at these local Seattle record stores: Jigsaw Records, Sonic Boom, Easy Street, Everyday Music, Fat Cat Records, Georgetown Records and Silver Platters.

There’s been a good response so far, including a listing in the KEXP new releases blog!

A really detailed and thoughtful video review is up at Dan’s Tunes.

We have a track on the Ball of Wax Quarterly #55, and while we weren’t available to play the supporting show some of us will be in the audience. All proceeds go to RAICES for this border-themed comp.

Brazil’s The Blog That Celebrates Itself was kind enough to ask us to do a track-by-track of the EP, so check that out if you’d like to know more about the EP. Here’s a rough translation of his intro:

The Seattle quartet of Gary, Julie, Rian and Charlie – or, Guest Directors for the intimate – is a classic guitar band at its core.

Dissonances, reverberations, poetry, noise, melody, everything properly balanced and embedded symmetrically and perfectly dosed.

Following the tradition of people like Throwing Muses, Dinosaur Jr., Swervedriver among others, the Guest Directors have been writing their story in stride. From the first EP “These Beautiful Things” of 2016, to last year’s powerful “Captured in The Light”, until, perhaps, its most intense moment, with the birth of the third EP, “Dream the Currents” released just over a week ago.

Intensive guitars, melodic basses, serving as the conducting wire for Julie to release her voice in intense and seductive performances, with the exception of “Where You Belong” where the voices are Gary’s.

The EP is linearly perfect, but perhaps the moment of greater grandeur is with the superb “Minor Mendings”, with an intrinsic rhythmic tangle evoking the great moments of Tanya Donelly and Kristin Hersh, with even more abrasive touches.

A highly unique work that, like the great records deserves to be meticulously detailed, the Guest Directors at the request of TBTCI reveal the secrets of “Dream the Currents” track to track.

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