Upcoming shows and more

We enjoyed playing (and attending!) Seagaze Fest 2018. We saw some of our friends’ band perform stellar sets, and we discovered a lot of new bands that we’re now following. You can check out a photo gallery at DKFM.com (a major sponsor of the festival, and a huge supporter of shoegaze and related/adjacent music worldwide), and also on the Seagaze photo page on Facebook.

Coming up we have 3 shows in a short time frame: Friday 6/8 at Substation, Saturday 6/23 at Substation (as part of Earwigfest 2018), and Thursday 7/5 at the Sunset Tavern. We hope to see you at one or more of these shows – we might be debuting some new songs so it’s an exciting time!

What’s REALLY exciting – to us anyway – is that we have dates booked this summer to start recording our third release!