Interview with Brazilian music blog TBTCI

Renato over at The Blog That Celebrates Itself asked us some questions about the forming of the band, influences, etc. You can check out the whole interview here.

Here’s a translation of his intro (which is in Portuguese):

Come on then, when four friends gather to tear apart their instruments, ripping them out, powerful melodies, evoking sound walls, sometimes violent in dense ones and charged with melancholy, all of which generating connections with people of the caliber of a Swervedriver or Autolux , It is a fact that the TBTCI has almost by obligation and sina personally check with the guys, right? Obviously it’s more than right.

We’re talking here about the Seattle quartet, Guest Directors, and their spectacular debut EP, which goes by the more than correct title of “These Beautiful Things.”

Guest Directors renew the noisy nineties, adjusting the golden years to the present day. Simply addictive.