LP Mixing Complete

Today we finished the final mixes for our first full-length record! It’s been a long journey to get here:

    • 2019: We created home-recorded demos for a batch of 10 songs
    • 2020: [February] Scheduled time in April for recording
    • 2020: [March] We all know what happened here
    • 2020: [April] Canceled the recording sessions
    • 2020: [September] Took advantage of a lull in the pandemic to record most of the music for 11 songs.
    • 2020: [Oct-Dec] Realized we weren’t going to be able to get into the studio anytime again soon, so we started working on home-recording what would eventually be our “Connected Heavens” EP
    • 2021: [Jan] Started to reassess our recordings from September…
    • 2021: [May] Released our home recorded “Connected Heavens” EP
    • 2021: [Aug] Released our home recorded single “Treading Water”
    • 2021: [Sept] Had another engineer attempt mixing our LP tracks
    • 2022: [Jan] Decided to abandon our original LP tracks
    • 2022: [Feb-March] A lot of thinking and discussion. Re-attempting the LP again seemed overwhelming at this point. Decided instead to bash out a set of our less-complex songs (mixing-wise) for a “palate cleanser”.
    • 2022: [April] Recorded our “Oh, To Be Weightless in the Sky” EP
    • 2022: [May] We met up with the engineer who would end up working on round 2 of LP recording.
    • 2022: [August] We took spent a long weekend in Anacortes, WA, recording the basics for 12 songs at an old church that’s been converted to a recording studio
    • 2022: [October] Released OTBWITS
    • 2022: [Sept-Dec] Recording overdubs and vocals for the 12 songs.
    • 2023: [January] Started mixing 11 of the songs (one we’re saving for later in the year).

    Which leads us to now. Mixing complete. We need to pick which of these songs make the most sense together as a set, and the order they should be in, and then send this off to mastering. It’s been a long road, and not an easy one, but you can look forward to our album later this year.